Beyond the Horizon

I have been in the field of software development for over last 2 decades. With an education background as an Engineer and a Masters in Computer Science, I gathered some working experience in Software Conglomerates and End Clients like TCS (Tata Consultancy Services), GE and Verizon as a Software Developer, Business Analyst and Project Manager, respectively. I am a certified J2EE programmer and a PMP certified Project Manager.

Based on the above background, I started Abacus Consultancy Services in 2003, with a vision to provide complete software solutions to corporates, and help them optimize their resources with the aid of Technology and software.

In this duration, we (Abacus Consultancy Services) have worked with multiple clients in projects ranging from small 5 pages word press websites, to mobile applications, to enormous ERP systems with
Modules like

  • Client Relationship management
  • Contact
  • Sales Orders
  • Invoice
  • Payment Receivables
  • Manage Documents
  • Suppliers
  • Purchase Orders
  • Payments Payables
  • Accounting
  • Products
  • Inventory Management
  • Supply chain management


In our journey, we have worked with clients on long term projects spanning 4-5 years. The prime source of our Job was repeated work from clients and references in 5 continents.

But for any business to grow, a constant stream of new clients is important. In words of famous Management Guru Peter Drucker – ‘A Business is just Marketing and Innovation.’

In our efforts to reach out to new clients, we opted for freelancing sites and tender processes. We are part of platforms like guru and freelancer, where we have good rating of 4.5 and 4.3, respectively.

However, we perceive that the clients we obtain from these platforms are small and mid-size companies. These projects have served us well in developing very complex solutions ranging from Accounting systems, HRMS, CRM systems, ERP and Supply Chain management systems, but there comes a time when business expands beyond the boundaries of its origin.

As we are graduating towards being a bigger company with bigger aspects and hope of better prospects, we find that other freelancing sites are not getting us enough mature clients. In our research, we have found that there is no better platform than Toptal Software Engineers Network for finding right kind of match for our work and expertise.

In the due course of time, we have taken ISO 9001:2008 Certification and are moving towards CMM Level 3 processes, to deliver best value and predictable results to our clients. These values are mostly desired by giant organizations.

Furthermore, in order to expand our horizon, we strongly feel that Toptal can provide us the prospects and platform to expand our wings, and can allow us to fly higher up in the air.

Hence, we request Toptal team to review our above mentioned credentials, and provide us an opportunity to serve clients who require IT related works on their platform and in return, we promise to deliver our experience, expertise and skills.

We will be delighted to work for the reputed clients on Toptal platform.

Dec, 05, 2016