QuickBooks Integrator

QuickBooks Integrator


QuickBooks integration tool is a desktop software which provides synchronization from Quickbooks Desktop to your Web Application.

The QuickBooks Integrator provides easy-to-use components for QuickBooks development, facilitating tasks such as adding, updating or retrieving customer information, vendor information, employee information, transactions etc. The QuickBooks Integrator helps you access QuickBooks remotely with the included QBConnector Component

Quickbooks helps synchronizing:

Sales Orders /Purchase Orders
Payment Received
Bills/Credits/Payment Paid

The tool allows existing QuickBooks files to load automatically to web application once you start the registration. You can load your data to web application with the mapping you want.Once you are done with the registration and the Initial Upload, the tool starts synching the data from your web application to your QuickBooks desktop application.You can create/update/delete something in QuickBooks/web application and it instantly goes to QuickBooks/Web.Integration tool requires a web service which we need to install on the web server, which provides communication with ACS Quickbooks integration tool to the database of your web application.The tool also provides you the customized settings/mapping.

For Ex – User can set a particular vendor in QuickBooks should be created as a contractor in your web application in ABC sales office.