This is the crown service provider company and founded in 1999 under the umbrella company,Crown Cellular
It trades in airtime,starter packs and international calling is the largest independent distributor of air time in south africa


Problem Area

CSPC had many departments, finding the relevant information and running day to day activities at warehousing and distribution related was be time consuming, as it was being documented manually. There was a need for a system to ensure the fast tracking and processing of information electronically while it is placed under the relevant sub-categories within a web and Mobile-based system.


We have developed application which works on the premise of eliminating the current manual process in Scanning of each sim card from various service providers and costing exercise or lack thereof that are cumbersome to CSPC.

  • Warehouse application will make ease of in scanning the data of large number of sim cards via batch processing.
  • Distribution of sim cards from CSPC to the assigned roles of employees per region can be maintained easily.
  • Proposed Mobile application creates ease in allocation of sim cards to zonners and shops with the exactsim numbers and the quantity assigned to each employee per each region.

Features of developed application:

  • User Management
  • SIM Disctribution
  • RICA
  • E-Wallet
  • Airtime