Restaurant POS

Restaurant POS is full-service and fast food management software which provides connectivity with its own POS and mobile application to manage the ordering and Food delivery. It manages the Inventory and able to produce varieties of financial reports to improve decision making.

Inventory- Inventory of all the items is saved. Transferring and receiving of items, between branches of the same company is done. Items can be received by: making a “Purchase Order”, “Vendor” and “Go Buy” methods. Bills are made and then Payment is done.

In Orders, Orders are made, in which apart from usual scenarios like, when the Order is in the Kitchen inventory is getting decreased, new ones are handled like- after the order is “Receive kitchen In” status, Order can be cancelled. Multiple Payment methods like, Cash, Visa, Master, Zomato etc are used. “Loyalty Points” are managed, which are related to the customers. Email and SMS notification messages are sent to the customers.


  • Online Ordering
  • Delivery
  • Cards & eWallets
  • Deals and Discovery
  • Table Booking
  • Data Analytics
  • Recipe and Inventory
  • Desktop Billing POS
  • Menu Arrangement